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Advertisement and sex go hand in hand. Sex sells. It captures our attention and leaves us almost always wanting more. Even subtle hints about sex will make us curious.

Companies deliberately link their products with sexual information: because of our biology we can’t help but be drawn to it. – Tom Reichert

Advertising also creates impressions to make consumers believe that they need to purchase a certain product to be fully satisfied with life. We often think, “I need to buy this because it will make me happier.” Companies often associate their products with sexual needs and desires. Tom Reichert states “Many people consider sex in advertising, the use of sexy words and images in selling messages.” Once again, sex sells. It is also important to note that there is a great amount of competition to sell a brand name as there are several established high-end competitors and in today’s society. Sex, most often, is the main theme to sell a brand. Examples of sexy brand names include Victoria’s Secret, Gucci and American Apparel.

Sex is used to sell several products that can range from beer to cigarettes to cars to video games. How about house appliances? Ikea recently created a commercial that uses sex and violence to sell their product. A girl dies right before she is about to get some.

Here is another banned “Tidy up” advertisement from Ikea:

The above “Banned Ikea Commercials” posted on YouTube, reinforce the idea that women are often a target of sexual attraction. These video are from Ikea’s popular “Tidy Up” campaign. Commercial producers often use humour and sex to sell their products to potential customers. Laughing ehnances the experience of watching the ad and also creates a specific impression.

Industries have played a role in contributing especially to the normalisation of violence. – Dr. C. Kay Weaver


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