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Ads that are indecent, sexist, sexy, exhibit violence to women or treat them as mere objects present a constant and even growing problem in many countries. Jean Boddewyn, author of Controlling Sex and Decency in Advertising Around the World states that “both the law and voluntary guidelines find it difficult to handle such ads because of the heterogeneity and flux of the norms bearing on sex and decency in advertising.”

High-end fashion shoe companies use violence against women to sell their products. The following ad for Loula, a Melbourne shoe company, placed this advertisement in Australia’s Harper’s Bazaar fashion magazine and it caused an up roar. Loula use tragic themes that dehumanize women. The company thinks the idea of women dying is sexy. After a public outcry, Loula decided to pull its advertisement campaign which uses the bodies of a dead females to sell their product.

This ad by Louis Vuitton, a French fashion designer, emphasizes the fact that sexy shoes are for both men and women. Louis Vuitton is a very popular, very expensive, high-end fashion brand that also uses violence to sell their products. Although not as violent as the Loula image, one can only wonder, what is the point of this ad? Who is the target audience?


When violence is used to sell a product, it does not just sell the product; it condones violent attitudes and behaviour and contributes to exaggerated fears of violence among those encouraged to see themselves as its potential victims. – Dr. C. Kay Weaver

By using violence to sell high-end fashion products, like shoes, it allows society to devalue women. The idea of murder, rape, or death should not be used to sell consumer goods. What are we trying to promote to young girls who are taught at a very young age the importance of consuming goods that will make them feel better?


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