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Dr. C. Kay Weaver gives us insight on the topic of violence and gender relations in advertising. Weaver explains,

“Associations with violence provide a key means of targeting audiences along gender lines. Products are promoted to men as enhancing their masculine appeal – with masculinity framed in terms of strength, power, the ability to be forceful, dominant and get what you want. Violent images also play a part in how we make sense of our roles and positions in social culture.”

This advertisement focuses directly on violence towards women and male dominance. There is currently a popular trend on promoting violence within the fashion marketing sectors. In this instance the high-end clothing company duncan quinn is portraying the image of male dominance over this very seductive model. These kind of marketing ploys are degrading towards women and send a skewed message to its recipients. This photo points out how violence against women is glamorized to sell clothing in mainstream fashion.

By society accepting violence in advertisements it promotes the objectification of women. It makes the patriarchal dominance within the industry prevalent. Ideally women are supposed to be seen as equals, but the media consistently promotes ads that undermine the feminist ideology.


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Dolce and Gabanna is a well known high-end fashion company that uses violence against women to sell their product. Tom Reichert, author of The Erotic History of Advertising , explains the meaning behind their ads in a more clear fashion. Reichert states, “The provocative image stimulates thoughts that influence the meaning of unrelated information.” In other words, it is quite unlikely that a Dolce and Gabanna product has annything to do with sexual practices. Although aesthetic perfection does not exist and is fictional characteristic, it becomes the primary message in Dolce and Gabanna’s advertising. Clothing, or the absence of it, is symbolic of the message being communicated. Or perhaps it is rape?

Thie rape ad is quite narcissistic. First of all, it is implied that the men are going to take advantage and rape a beautiful women. Secondly, we feel sorry for the model because she looks utterly powerless. Finally, this ad is a good example of what Dolce and Gabbanna perceives their product can do for you -have sex with you. in. Dolce and Gabanna are basically selling the idea “Buy our product and you will have sex or perhaps a gang rape.”

Dr. C. Kay Weaver, an associate professor in the Department of Management Communication at the University of Waikato, talks about violence and advertising and how it has become a mainstream phenomena. Violence in advertisement is everywhere from main stream fashion to magazines. Weaver explains,

Violence has always played a key role in marketing newspapers, films, television programmes and computer games. Violent imagery is now increasingly also used to advertise and market a diverse range of goods from sports apparel to cologne and perfume, computer games, cars, watches, jeans and even credit cards. The effect of this violent imagery is to make violent behaviour appear normal and even acceptable rather than unusual.



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